The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy supports:

  • Organizations or projects that advocate moving toward a plant-based or vegan diet
  • Projects that lead to measurable results
  • Projects that have a clear and well-articulated strategy

The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy does not support:

  • For-Profit Businesses and Companies
  • Political parties
  • Organizations or individuals that engage in shaming behaviors
  • Organizations or individuals that advocate any form of violence, including property destruction
  • Organizations with a budget greater than 500,000 USD

Successful projects are ones that:

  • Inspire individuals and/or groups to move toward a plant-based diet
  • Lead to concrete changes for animals
  • Are part of a long-term strategy

Please note that CEVA does not give grants for the production of media projects (videos, books, apps, etc.), does not fund disaster relief, and only gives grants to groups outside the US. One organization can only receive one grant per year, and decisions can take up to four weeks.

We are now accepting grant applications. To apply, please review and submit this application form.

Please note: This program is funded solely by a restricted grant that has been given to CEVA for the specific purpose of offering smaller grants.