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Abolitionism vs. Reformism

Animal welfare and animal rights are fundamentally different things. Animal welfare first appeared in modern history in writings in the mid-18th century. The first animal welfare group, the English RSPCA, was founded in 1824, the first one in…
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The Angry Vegan

Who is the angry vegan? The angry vegan is always furious and shocked that people are not making the same decisions as the angry vegan. The angry vegan has forgotten that the angry vegan used to make many of the same decisions.
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Are You Preaching Compassion, but Acting Like a Jerk?

Shortly after I went vegan for ethical reasons in 2003, I was consumed with a burning passion to share what I had learned about the meat, dairy, and egg industries with the rest of the world. After all, I had only…
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The Change Agenda for Animals

Appoint an Animal Protection Liaison in the White House, similar to the new position announced for Carol Browner and/or the Council on Environmental Quality, to help coordinate animal protection concerns (policy issues, legislation, and regulations…
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Chanted Morals or Deep-Fried Tofu?

I found a particular passage here and would like your thoughts: "In many ways, it boils down to this question: Do we want a social club, or do we want a social movement? If we want a social movement, we need to open our arms and have a big tent." …
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Creating High-Impact Nonprofits

Conventional wisdom says that scaling social innovation starts with strengthening internal management capabilities. This study of 12 high-impact nonprofits, however, shows that real social change happens when organizations go outside their own walls…
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Don’t Flatter Yourself: Why Survey Research Can Be Flawed

We all do things to impress others — exaggerate our accomplishments, downplay our faults, even fib on surveys. A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research sheds light on why we don't tell the strict truth a…
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Effective Advocacy: Stealing from the Corporate Playbook

Over the years, I’ve found that those of us who are concerned about a better world are often so overwhelmed by the enormity of suffering that we work so hard that we never stop to ponder our effectiveness or the bigger p…
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Facebook: The Smart Advocate’s Tool

Facebook is the greatest platform animal advocates have for exposing the cruelty of factory farming and promoting vegan eating. The more people we reach with our posts, the more animals we can help. But how do we do this? How can we reach more…
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Helping Animals: What Do the Facts Say?

Here is the fundamental question: Do we want fewer animals to suffer on factory farms? It is important to decide if this is our bottom line, because the facts indicate a course of action that isn’t always in keeping with popular trends in animal a…
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How Animal Welfare Advances Veganism and Animal Rights

Over a decade ago, when I learned of the institutionalized cruelty under which billions of animals suffer, I gave them my word that I would devote my life to trying to help them. I soon realized that while changing my…
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The Impact of Watching Earthlings is Smaller Than You Think

Every vegetarian is regularly faced with the question, “What made you go vegetarian?” Overwhelmingly, the response I hear follows more or less the same logic: “I watched/read X and just couldn’t imagine eating meat ev…
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