The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy is releasing a video series on how to be a better spokesperson for the animals. Below we are posting one new video a week, as they are released. The videos discuss, in one key concept per episode, how to advocate veganism effectively – in an engaging, clear, and easily understandable manner.


Trailer: Effective Vegan Advocacy

Want to become a more effective vegan advocate? Watch this trailer to find out how our upcoming video series can help new and seasoned advocates for veganism become more impactful in their outreach!

E1: Remember Your Own Carnism

Remembering what it was like when you used to be non-vegan, and speaking about that experience in a personal way, makes it easier for you to stay empathically connected with non-vegans.

E2: You Are Not Your Audience

If you want to influence people, you need to be aware of how others perceive what you’re saying, keeping in mind the YANYA principle: You Are Not Your Audience.

E3: Four Key Obstacles to Effective Vegan Advocacy

What stands in the way of advocating veganism effectively? Vegan advocates today face four key obstacles, and this video will help you to overcome them.

E4: Focus More on the “How” Than the “What”…

When advocating veganism, is your goal to win a debate? If so, then it’s also to make the other person lose. When you focus on the “how” rather than the “what” of your communication, you reduce the risk of creating a win-lose scenario and increase the chances that your message will be heard as you intend it to be.

E5: Putting Food First

Many vegan advocates put morality first. But what if putting food first could be even more effective in helping others become open to learning about veganism? Show – don't tell – them the benefits of a vegan diet vs. eating meat!